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Xero Cloud Accounting. Simple. Smart. Secure.

Xero is the software through which Alexander Rosse delivers its real-time services. It is simply the easiest to use in the world and threatens to displace paper-based systems and other software packages while enabling e-accountancy and bookkeeping. You have to use the software to truly appreciate the powerful benefits it can bring to your business.

See what we have found by clicking on the demonstration movie links below and then sign up for a free trial.


  • Real-time view of your business finances at a glance
  • Import bank statements for up-to-date reconciliations and transaction matching at the click of a button
  • Manage your business contacts and have them automatically appear in invoices and transactions
  • Access your accounts from anywhere in the world through your PC, Mac, laptops and other mobile devices
  • Rapidly create, send, receive and report on invoices
  • Quickly and easily manage your debts, payments and due dates
  • Easily enter expenses and generate real-time reports
  • Share your information with your chosen financial advisors.