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Why choose Alexander Rosse?

Most accountancy practices have evolved their operating model over many years and are still working in the way they did some time ago. They are driven by their internal constraints and not by what their clients want.

We know clients have a choice. Here are a few things that set the firm apart from other accountants:

  • From our research and experience, we know that not every business needs a full service accountant. If we don’t think we can offer value, we will say so, because our reputation as a trusted advisor is our most important asset. That’s why we have teamed up with the world’s easiest accounting system – Xero – to offer a simple software solution that helps keep our clients books in order;
  • We are members of the Professional Contractors Group ("PCG") and are a PCG Accredited Accountant. The PCG is a not for profit association and is the leading voice of freelancing that defends, helps and promotes freelancers, consultants, interims and contractors in the UK. To join this elite organisation, we have taken additional training and met strict entry criteria as set by the PCG before being admitted to membership
  • We are seriously leading edge in terms of technology and its applications to make our clients’ lives easier;
  • Our clients have unlimited access to us, literally 24/7/365 through email and other communication channels;
  • We don’t have a call centre and we don’t offshore any of our work;
  • We don’t use voice mail;
  • We appreciate that engaging a new advisor can carry risk, so we give an unconditional money back guarantee in the first year you are with us;
  • We have access to some of the leading tax specialists in their field;
  • We are the only accounting firm that encourages our clients talk to each other.