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How will this work in practice?

You will be given a simple "prospect requests accountant" form to fill in. Alexander Rosse will contact the prospect regarding our accountancy and tax services. Once we have established they are suitable for our services and they have passed through the necessary money laundering regulations and other formalities they will be taken on as an Alexander Rosse client.

How long would this process take?

Sign up can take anything between 1 hour to 2 weeks. It all depends on the speed with which the prospect is willing to move. We will send you an update at the end of each week to notify you of progress for each prospect

How will the commission share work in practice?

Once they have become a client, we will send you details of the total commission share due to you in order for you or your finance department to raise an invoice.

Our clients already have an accountant - why would they change to you?

Ask them the question - has your accountant truly added any value to them? Have they saved them more money than they have charged? If they are unable to respond with a clear ‘yes’, there is a strong likelihood that the answer is 'no'. If they do decide to move over to us, we will make sure the switch is incredibly easy. Our approach ensures that we understand their individual needs, are familiar with the accounting procedures and progress their business without disruption.

It all seems too high tech!

The technology we use makes our clients lives so much easier - they have us at the end of the phone, face to face or email. As their accountants, we will have access to information in real time and will work with them to advice and correct omissions or errors.

What about online security?

We take this subject extremely seriously and have taken the necessary steps to keep our clients data secure. So, for example, we make sure they do not have to share login details with any other user. Organisations which sign up to the accounting software can have an unlimited number of users, so there is no reason to share login details.

Are back up files kept?

Yes. All your information is backed up in three separate locations around the world

Are you regulated?

Yes, we are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) for a range of investment business activities. We are also a Xero accredited advisor and also PCG accredited.